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Top Games By Region: All Japan

Featured Games:

Sega Touring Car Championship

Super GT 24h

Indianapolis 500

Zero Gunner (Japan Model 2B)

Virtua Striker (Rev A)

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Top 50 Downloaded:

House of the Dead82,223
Sonic The Fighters63,487
Dead or Alive (Model 2A)48,477
Virtua Striker38,619
Sega Touring Car Championship34,833
Gunblade NY30,841
Super GT 24h28,984
Dynamite Cop (Model 2A)28,676
Fighting Vipers25,598
Indianapolis 50017,534
Virtual On Cyber Troopers (Japan)17,364
Dead or Alive (Model 2B)16,043
Sega Ski Super G14,508
Virtual On Cyber Troopers (US)13,660
Last Bronx (Rev A)13,424
Top Skater12,636
Zero Gunner (Model 2B)11,372
Virtua Striker (Rev A)11,106
Over Rev9,814
Dynamite Cop (Model 2B)9,798
Pilot Kids (Model 2A)9,621
Dynamite Baseball '978,273
Last Bronx (Export, Rev A)7,938
Zero Gunner (Japan Model 2B)5,707
Pilot Kids (Model 2B)5,486
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Top 50 Rated (Out of 5):

Sonic The Fighters 4.80
Dynamite Baseball '97 4.75
House of the Dead 4.66
Super GT 24h 4.65
Sega Ski Super G 4.65
Indianapolis 500 4.64
Virtua Striker (Rev A) 4.63
Virtua Striker 4.59
Sega Touring Car Championship 4.58
Dynamite Cop (Model 2B) 4.58
Dead or Alive (Model 2B) 4.58
Dynamite Cop (Model 2A) 4.56
Last Bronx (Rev A) 4.55
Last Bronx (Export, Rev A) 4.45
Top Skater 4.44
Dead or Alive (Model 2A) 4.42
Zero Gunner (Model 2B) 4.42
Fighting Vipers 4.38

Most Recently Added:

Pilot Kids (Model 2B)09/19/2006
Dynamite Cop (Model 2A)09/19/2006
Top Skater09/19/2006
Pilot Kids (Model 2A)09/19/2006
Gunblade NY09/19/2006
Super GT 24h09/19/2006
Dynamite Baseball '9709/19/2006
Dead or Alive (Model 2B)09/19/2006
Indianapolis 50009/19/2006
Virtua Striker (Rev A)09/19/2006
Over Rev09/19/2006
House of the Dead09/19/2006
Last Bronx (Export, Rev A)09/19/2006
Zero Gunner (Model 2B)09/19/2006
Sega Touring Car Championship09/19/2006

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