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Alien Storm (1991)(US Gold-Sega)

Questprobe 2 - Spider-Man (1984)(Adventure International UK)

Street Fighter


Double Dragon II - The Revenge (1989)(Virgin Games LTD)[l Bi

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Top 50 Downloaded:

Street Fighter111,937
Street Fighter (1988)(Capcom Co. LTD)[a][l]30,162
Bubble Bobble28,260
Bionic Commando23,724
Batman - The Caped Crusader (1988)(Ocean Software LTD)(Side 22,760
Questprobe 2 - Spider-Man (1984)(Adventure International UK)21,806
Transformers - The Battle To Save The Earth21,003
Tom & Jerry - Hunting High and Low20,600
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back19,720
Giana Sisters18,985
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles18,357
Street Fighter (1988)(Capcom Co. LTD)[l]16,421
4x4 Off-Road Racer (Kixx)16,152
WWF Wrestlemania Challenge Side 215,386
Golden Axe (1990)(Probe Software)(Side A)[a][l 720 US-Gold T14,256
Last Ninja III12,870
1943 (Capcom)11,953
ACE - Air Combat Emulator (1985)(Cascade Games LTD)[a][l Ani9,480
Sonic Boom Side 19,469
Spy vs Spy9,444
Ghosts'n Goblins8,942
Project X8,932
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Top 50 Rated (Out of 5):

Alien Storm (1991)(US Gold-Sega) 5.00
FireFly (1988)(Ocean Software LTD)[a][l Freeload] 4.97
Miami Vice 4.95
The Great Giana Sisters 4.94
Matrix 4.93
Double Dragon II - The Revenge (1989)(Virgin Games LTD)[l Bi 4.92
Thundercats 4.93
Sonic Boom Side 2 4.93
Action Biker (1985)(Mastertronic LTD)[a][l Visiload] 4.92
Cup Football (1990)(Cult Games) 4.92
Aliens - The Computer Game 4.92
Questprobe 2 - Spider-Man (1984)(Adventure International UK) 4.89
Wrestling Superstars 4.92
Street Fighter 4.76
Tarzan (1986)(Martech Games LTD) 4.92
Test Drive (1987)(Accolade)(Side A) 4.92
Aspar Grand Prix Master 4.91
MYTH - History in the Making (1989)(System 3 Software LTD)(2 4.91
Dragon's Lair (19xx)(Software Projects LTD)[b][l C64 ROM Tap 4.91
500cc Motomanager (1992)(Simulmondo)(Side A)[l] 4.91
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (1990)(Mirage Studios USA)[h] 4.90
Zoids 4.90
Friday the 13th (1986)(Domark LTD) 4.90
Samurai Warrior - The Battles Of Usagi Yojimbo 4.90
Robocop 4.89
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Most Recently Added:

Lode Runner09/03/2012
Star Trader (1984)(Bug-Byte Software LTD)[a]06/04/2012
Turbo Girl06/04/2012
Super Pipeline (1983)(Taskset LTD)[l IK]06/04/2012
10th Frame06/04/2012
Supertrux (1989)(Elite Systems LTD)[a]06/04/2012
Dragon Breed Side 206/04/2012
Beyond the Ice Palace06/04/2012
Thomas The Tank Engine's Fun With Words Side 106/04/2012
MYTH - History in the Making (1989)(System 3 Software LTD)(406/04/2012
Star Trek06/04/2012
Up 'N Down06/04/2012
Mad Doctor (1985)(Thorn Emi Computer Software)[l]06/04/2012
Psi Warrior06/04/2012

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Street Fighter
Street Fighter (1988)(Capcom Co. LTD)[a][l]
Bubble Bobble
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