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Olympian Games (Russia)

Love To Win (Russia)

Life of Luxury (Russia)

Perfect Game (Russia)

Yukon Gold (Russia)


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Top 50 Downloaded:

Boom (Russia)985
Olympian Games (Russia)521
Yukon Gold (Russia)486
Love To Win (Russia)426
Big Tippers (Russia)417
Life of Luxury (Russia)412
Cash Crop (Russia)331
Wild Streak (Russia)327
Leprechaun's Gold (Russia)304
Jackpot Party (Russia)303
Hawaii (Russia)285
Top Banana (Russia)271
Hot Toppings (Russia)270
Instant Winner (Russia)265
Filthy Rich (Russia)247
Who Dunnit (Russia)246
Perfect Game (Russia)240
Off The Charts (Russia)237
Winning Bid (Russia)234
Reel 'Em In (Russia)234
Ra Sceptor (Russia)228
Swingin In The Green (Russia)227
Something For Nothing (Russia)224
Money To Burn (Russia)218

Top 50 Rated (Out of 5):

Most Recently Added:

Wild Streak (Russia)04/16/2012
Top Banana (Russia)04/16/2012
Life of Luxury (Russia)04/16/2012
Money To Burn (Russia)04/16/2012
Off The Charts (Russia)04/16/2012
Yukon Gold (Russia)04/16/2012
Love To Win (Russia)04/16/2012
Boom (Russia)04/16/2012
Swingin In The Green (Russia)04/16/2012
Ra Sceptor (Russia)04/16/2012
Jackpot Party (Russia)04/16/2012
Hawaii (Russia)04/16/2012
Filthy Rich (Russia)04/16/2012
Olympian Games (Russia)04/16/2012
Instant Winner (Russia)04/16/2012

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