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Chrono Trigger (China)

Alien VS Predator (China)

Yu-Gi-Oh (China)

Diablo (China)

Tales of Phantasia (China)


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Top 50 Downloaded:

Yu-Gi-Oh (China)10,847
Final Fantasy VII (China)6,198
Harvest Moon (China)1,962
Diablo (China)1,422
Chrono Trigger (China)1,418
Titanic (China)1,243
Tomb Raider (China)965
Alien VS Predator (China)584
Tales of Phantasia (China)338
The Hacker (China)164

Top 50 Rated (Out of 5):

Yu-Gi-Oh (China) 4.94
Final Fantasy VII (China) 4.88
Chrono Trigger (China) 4.67
Harvest Moon (China) 4.33
Diablo (China) 3.13

Most Recently Added:

Titanic (China)06/18/2014
Tomb Raider (China)06/18/2014
Diablo (China)06/18/2014
Tales of Phantasia (China)06/18/2014
Final Fantasy VII (China)06/18/2014
Yu-Gi-Oh (China)06/18/2014
The Hacker (China)06/18/2014
Harvest Moon (China)06/18/2014
Alien VS Predator (China)06/18/2014
Chrono Trigger (China)06/18/2014

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