Submit Screenshots for Top Player's Golf (Neo Geo CD)

Submit Screenshots for Top Player's Golf. Please make sure you meet the following guidelines before submitting screenshots using the form below:

  • Two (2) screenshots are required for each game, one title (please no box covers) screenshot and one in-game screenshot

  • Screenshots have be to saved in .jpg, .gif or .png format

  • Screenshots must have no watermarks

  • Try to keep the screenshot dimensions at around 300x300 or less (doesn't have to be a perfect square), without losing proportionality. So if the emulator saves the screenshot as 500x400, please re-size it to a smaller size, such as 300x240

  • Each screenshot must not exceed 60 kB

  • If you meet the following guidelines, please use the form below to submit your screenshots. We will review them to make sure they are ok, and then add them to the site. Thanks for your support!

    Title Screenshot:

    In-Game Screenshot:

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